i found this photo of the day we went outside one of the first days of creative writing a3 and can’t believe my friends are graduating. i can’t believe i’m about to graduate. idk just kinda blew my mind it’s the end of too many things i’m now the girl you used to know or […]

excuse me

excuse me i forgot to ask you why why your hair is asking me to play with it why you smile like your keeping a secret why your eyes tell me stories i try to forget excuse me for taking my time to let you walk out of my busy head unwrap the thoughts of […]

for ritta/garbog

i think you’re in the top 100 best people on the earth. you take care of plants like they’re kids you find the smallest details to be interesting you listen here are some of my favorite lines . I’m thankful for hickies Ain’t no sunshine when she’s cloudy Seeing my friends live their lives at […]

a moment of sonder

my heart is attached to strings of people I love some strings connect to both hearts and a few that never will. . my heart pumps warm blood to my hands to slide perfectly into his giving and taking the heat and when he held hers my hands were ice cold. . my heart hurts […]


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look away

I love when I hug someone and my feet come off the ground

Once a day

Mac miller